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Running expressions

A thought of the morning!

Running could be an act of gratitude for all you've ever been given; for the rapture of being alive; for the magic that exists even when we don't acknowledge it; for putting the "enchantment" back in a disenchanted society by simply going out for a "long run" and EXPECTING a miracle; for the sun always showing up each morning no matter what we've done, who we've loved, who we've failed to be, or what values we've chosen to be driven by.

Stride strong,…


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Running Across Australia!

G'day, mates! It's true! Beginning late 2014, I will be running across Australia. Another dream.  Listen to that little voice in your heart and head...those calls are meant to be followed.  Go sing your song.  I'll be updating y'all about the upcoming Run Across Australia project.  It's in the works as we speak.  Stay tuned!

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"Run, Girl"

My run this morning was a swift zoom!  We flew.  The snowy path and the cold air met us with open arms.  My run's momentum moved me into writing this poem.  These words below are also inspired by the love of running shared between me and someone I met on the road last month as we ran alone, together up a 4-mile mountain pass out of Williamstown, MA.


"Run, Girl"


She likes to fly.

The flock takes…


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Still Life

(Story takes place on Thursday, October 27, 2011, Day 2 of running across Vermont.)


“Today is going to be one of those days that feels like it is morning all day long,” Ian, my running partner for this run across Vermont, says to me as we stride east out of Richmond, VT.  I know exactly what he means.  Each and every morning we are gifted with such a miraculous new life - a day.  And today is going to be a series of fresh, new moments of birth – a day of mornings.  There is…


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The little Lost Boy

(Run Across MA Day 6: Nov 9, 2011, Shelburne Falls to Florida, MA, 19.5 miles)


Dried herbs and flowers hang upside down from the walls of the house.  Strands of garlic bulbs adorn the doorways, and the pantry is stocked with at least two of each non-perishable foodstuff.  The smell of acorn squash baking wafts through the kitchen and into the other downstairs rooms.  Coziness is everywhere - wool blankets lay draped over the rocking chairs; a strand of glistening lights…


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Love will find you (Run across MA Day 2, Stow to Bolton to Sterling to East Princeton, MA, 21 miles)

(Hello from the Bolton, MA public library, the most amazing library I have ever spent time in!)

For those that  endeavor in their callings, their dreams, their greater purpose, love seems to find its way into their lives.  Is it coincidence that when I am doing the things I dream of, the things that my spirit has been telling me all along to do, love finds its way to me?  The small things that I encounter in a day, whether it be Pam, a local Bolton, MA woman who randomly came up to me…


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Running Across MA! (Boston, MA to Williamstown, MA)

I am on the road again, beginning a "pilot" run for my 50 States Series to launch in full force in 2012!  I am running across Massachusetts!  My route takes me over 140 miles in 8 days, 15-27 miles a day.  I am running solo with a packpack...a true test.  Something I have not done before solo.  I am excited for the challenge...and for the apple trees of Western Mass!

This run through MA will not only be strides across the state, but also a means to speak at schools along the way about…


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"God is in a cookie" - September 14, 2011, Austin, TX

It was an unassuming white house that sat on a short street that was almost as narrow as an alleyway.  It was cute, like the cottage that sits along the Wisconsin shores of Lake Michigan my family and I have vacationed to since I was a young girl.  The symmetry of this tiny abode, with its twin gables that faced the street and hobbit-sized screen door, brought to mind an image of a mother, father, and a handful of small children wearing britches or long dresses sitting and laughing by the…


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Gem #3 (of 10) from the road: Life is meant to be shared

            Almost three weeks ago, I left Portland, OR.  Oddly enough, my last day in “The City of Roses” was spent driving to Seattle and back, and then hitching a ride to Northern California.  If my respective rides were any more than thirty minutes late, my whole transportation plan would have fallen to pieces.  It was a carefully planned series of events, or at least as planned as spontaneity could be.  I had decided the night before to bust up to Seattle, upon hearing from a friend…


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Gem #2: We are each a “vehicle of light”

(An excerpt from a piece I wrote in the middle of my travels while in Woodland, CA, just outside of Davis/Sacramento, CA on August 14, 2011)


The moon is full and my horizon seems much more grand.  It’s been several weeks of city life out in Seattle and then Portland, OR, and now I am here under the more rural, open skies of Woodland, CA.  The sky seems to have exploded with stars without the dimming of urban lights.  I love it here.  Surrounded on all…


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Gem #1 (of 10): Uncertainty Certainly Brings Freedom

I’m back.  The sizzling Austin sun welcomes me back under its scorch.  I am warmed and feel at home.  Home has also been out on the road for the past six weeks traveling out west.  The experience has been a delight rich in gems and epiphanies and extraordinary highs (even literally, by elevation!).  I have brought back a handful of powerful lessons from the road, and I would like to dedicate each of the next 10 days to highlighting one of these discovered gems.



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The Revolution (or, Contemplations While Sitting on the Shores of Priest Point Park, Olympia, WA, August 7, 2011)

My breaths are the waves of the shore, and the wind my constant nourishment. Glitter shines and speckles upon the water I sit at, speaking to me as does Morse code to the mainland peoples. Oh, the sun! I cannot ever be alone as long as the sun hugs me as it does now. As I question the role of solitude in my life, it is moments like these, as I am reminded that nature is my loyal best friend, that I am led to believe that I will never be alone. Holding hands with the rocks upon which my body…


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A running journey brightly begins - Seattle to Vancouver, BC! (July 20, 2011, Seattle, WA)

Waking to the kisses of the early morning Seattle sunrise, I turn my head to my tea mug sitting on the table beside my temporary bed.  With no intention besides opening my eyes to the day, I am drawn to read the simple little words written on the teabag's label that hangs off the rim of the mug.  "Where there is love, there is no question," it reads.


Perfect timing.  Today marks the day before my buddy, Ian, and I take off on our 170-mile run from Seattle to Vancouver, BC,…


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The moon has your back - June 16, 2011, Austin, TX

I felt the wind gush across my naked body, as if it were pushing me somewhere I needed to be.  The moon was full and the hour was late.  I was moving through space, on my own two feet, zooming, running.  Powered by the light of the stars and the love of the trees around me, my strides grew short and quick.  I felt connected to where I came from and once again united with my essence - my core.  Stripped of all the externalities of life, represented by the clothes that had adorned my body just…


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The recent vagabonding adventures of a running and biking chiquita! (Austin, TX)

Hi folks!

I know it's been a while, but things are still in full steam!  I am continuing to travel all over the nation speaking in schools about passion, and am in the process of trying to get this message out there more..more...and MORE!  I recently transplanted myself from Boston to Austin, TX, a great place to be as a runner and idealist;)  I was most recently up in Dallas speaking with groups this past week and then decided to ride my bicycle the 240 miles back from Dallas to…


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Hammering (December 30, 2010, St. Augustine, FL)

I pull up to a mini convenience mart here in St. Augustine, FL to grab some sunscreen for an upcoming kayak trip, and my attention is immediately drawn to three eclectic-looking teenagers sitting on the sidewalk

in front of the store.  I know

them!  I saw them walking on the

side of the road yesterday, and, this morning as I was running along the beach,

I saw them laying out…


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Remember where you came from (December 29, 2010, St. Augustine, FL)

It isn’t until this afternoon, in conversation with a local woman here in St. Augustine, FL about her love for San Diego, CA, that it dawns on me what the date is.  It is

December 29th, a year to-date after finishing my run across America,

a year since I ran barefoot into the shores of the Pacific Ocean in San Diego,

a year since accomplishing a dream.…


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Opt in – (December 16, 2010, Waltham, MA)

Whether we are conscious of it or not, every day, every morning, every moment, we have choices to make.


“Should I wear long underwear today?”


“Do I hold the door for the person behind me?”


“Should I call my friend in Canada this morning?”


“Do I keep playing board games into the evening hours with my friends and forgo a few hours of sleep?”


Or, for me this morning, “do I wake up super early, cook and pack up a…


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My life “passing through” (December 15, 2010, Cambridge, MA)

People come and go in your life. It’s the naked truth. Some stick around for a longer period of time and you are able to build deep relationships with these folks. There is time to build these deep relationships, and then when one leaves, your relationship lasts (in theory) and is transcendent of place. The other end of the spectrum is coming when you come into play with a “passerby.” These people are travelers, transient individuals, or simply just people who happen to come into…


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How can I help? (Sunday, December 12, 2010, Boston, MA)

The belief that we are all connected is something that drives my everyday actions. I want to hold on to this belief, because it profoundly affects the way I carry myself through my days, and of course, it affects the way I treat other people and the environment. It is like the concept of Karma – what you put out there in the universe will come back around and be a part of your own life, like the butterfly effect.

Yesterday I had dinner with my dear friend, Phuong. She…


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