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Crossed into CT!!!! (Day 8, 11.6 miles, Voluntown, CT)

Officially ran the entire state of Rhode Island!!! Crossing the state line into CT was an incredible climax, and so so so beautiful! There was a huge body of water, Beach Pond, on both sides of the road. The sunlight and breeze together made the day the best day to make the crossing;) See me crossing:

Mom left last night to fly back to Chicago. I miss her so much. Every day we would start the day off by walking the first half mile and bond;-) Now, just Papa and I. I am so grateful for my parents. I am torn with the fact that this journey, dangerous for a young female to do, honestly, is making my parents worried and stressed. If a parent's only daughter decided to spend 9 months running across the country, through unknown places, I can understand how it would be incredibly difficult to balance supporting the adventure and worrying about safety. I am so grateful and impressed by my parents.

I was also impressed today by my incredible visitor, Errol!!! He drove down from Boston to visit and run with me, of course;-) To me, running with someone, especially someone I care about, is one of life's best gifts. Love it. We ran through Arcadia State Park, and by thousands (!!!) of rivers, ponds, and brooks! There were motorcyclists everywhere...why?!?! The day spat out a beauteous 55 degrees and sun galore! It was perfect. Absolutely 100% perfect. When days are that pleasant, I feel a sense of stillness in life. Things SLOW DOWN. All worries decrease. I am able to approach the day with a great deal of patience. Beautiful weather=beautiful life. Here are pics from the road today. The beauty of the images below will spell out how wonderful today was:
Wood River in Arcadia State Park:

Miscellaneous on the road:

Errol and Katie's Shadows:


I gosh darn LOVE running through this country!!!

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Comment by Diana Mama Visco on April 7, 2009 at 8:11am
I wish I were there. Great pictures!!! Dad is so cool, eh? You look very "rosy" in all different meanings of the word.
I wish I would learn the answer to this probing question today: "Why do I cry after reading each blog entry???"

I am so darn proud of you, Katie....
Love mom
Comment by Jenny Sadler on April 7, 2009 at 8:17pm
yay for making it through RI! enjoy CT :-)


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